We must be poised to offer the best audience experience, no matter the time, device, or platform. The world of technology is constantly transforming, offering unique opportunities for audience engagement as well as audience growth. Increasing our technological capacity helps us better connect, build on our relevance, strengthen our services and power our future.

Maximize the potential of our technology-enabled systems and digital tools to engage with our audience, gather and analyze their feedback and preferences, and give them a voice in shaping our content  –  all to create more relevant and compelling programming

Increase research, marketing and audience engagement to reach new and more diverse communities, enabling us to better deliver vital media experiences and public service for all listeners, followers, and fans

Strengthen and maintain infrastructure to ensure the highest quality audio and mobile experiences, reliable access and dependable emergency alert systems; expand avenues to deliver content on all platforms and all devices, where and when users want it

Invest in Audiences Through Technology