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RT @InTheDarkAPM: In 1991, Odell Hallmon was arrested twice for aggravated assault in a 2-week span and booked into the Carroll County Jail…APM Reports2 days ago
RT @madeleinebaran: Episode 5 of In the Dark is out now! This episode by itself took months to report. Can’t wait for you to hear it. #CurtAPM Reports3 days ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: Odell Hallmon has an astonishingly long criminal history that includes repeated charges for drug dealing, assault and rob…APM Reports3 days ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: Three hours after his first recorded statement, Odell Hallmon sat for another. This time, his lawyer was present and Hall…APM Reports4 days ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: On May 7, 2001, just two years after he'd testified in Curtis Flowers' defense, Odell Hallmon claimed that he and Flowers…APM Reports4 days ago
RT @EducatePodcast: When Ed. Sec. Betsy DeVos was appointed, @sarahbutro of @hechingerreport got to thinking, "If she were given sort of un…APM Reports4 days ago
RT @nytopinion: The case of Curtis Flowers — a black man tried six times for one crime despite scant evidence against him — is shocking in…APM Reports4 days ago
RT @madeleinebaran: NYT columnist @DLeonhardt looks at the Curtis Flowers case. The U.S. “suffers from a crisis of unjust imprisonment ...c…APM Reports5 days ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: Two of Curtis Flowers' former cellmates testified that he confessed to them during late-night chats. (Both later recanted…APM Reports1 week ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: Frederick Veal said his statement was coerced and he'd been threatened when he hesitated to take the stand. More than 15…APM Reports1 week ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: In Curtis Flowers' first trial, in 1997, Maurice Hawkins and Frederick Veal were likely lying when they testified that Fl…APM Reports1 week ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: Prosecutors have a legal and ethical obligation to not use a witness they know isn't telling the truth. A prosecutor's du…APM Reports1 week ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: When a prosecutor puts a jailhouse informant on the stand, there are two key questions: Is the informant telling the trut…APM Reports1 week ago
RT @wabenews: The Big Disconnect: Google Fiber’s Unfulfilled Promise In Atlanta Reports1 week ago
RT @tomscheck: In the Leflore County Jail in Mississippi, some of the snitches didn't get stitches. They got deals. Reports1 week ago
Over the years, three inmates have claimed that Curtis Flowers confessed to them. But they've all changed their stories at one time or another. In this episode, we investigate who's really telling the truth. Reports1 week ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: In Episode 4, we investigate the three inmates who claimed that Curtis Flowers confessed to them. Reports1 week ago
RT @clarionledger: Curtis Flowers: On death row, tried 6 times for same crime, but is he guilty? Reports2 weeks ago
RT @madeleinebaran: Come hang out and talk about In the Dark with me and @sfreemark in NYC! Reports2 weeks ago
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