The Inspired by You campaign is already making an impact.


Campaign investments helped launch APM Reports, a national investigative reporting group that digs deep to explore important, high-impact issues that are often shrouded from public view. MPR and APM have long been pioneers and leaders in investigative journalism. Today APM Reports is delivering important journalism and collaborating across the country with other news organizations.


Between 1975 and 2011, the poor got poorer and the rich got richer. Our new audio documentary looks at whether colleges are able to help students from poor families achieve the American Dream. Reports6 hours ago
We asked our listeners whether going to college changed their social class. Here are four of their stories. Reports12 hours ago
New audio documentary about social mobility by @sashaaslanian and @ehanford. Reports1 day ago
New research shows that with the country growing ever more economically divided, colleges are not doing enough to help students from poor families achieve the American Dream. Reports2 days ago
RT @nhannahjones: This season is hands down the best podcast reporting and storytelling I have ever heard. Period. Reports7 days ago
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RT @madeleinebaran: “We are far less interested in criminals than we are in the people whose job it is to provide justice.” — In the Dark s…APM Reports2 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: In addition to publishing the raw data from his jury selection work, @craftworksxyz has written a detailed methodology of…APM Reports3 weeks ago
RT @craftworksxyz: We are publishing the raw data we collected for the jury data analysis for @InTheDarkAPM. Get the data and read about it…APM Reports3 weeks ago
RT @hechingerreport: After health care costs, deductions for taxes and her pension, and the number of hours the teacher was working – somet…APM Reports3 weeks ago
RT @madeleinebaran: Magnolia Bar Association, Mississippi Center for Justice and Innocence Project New Orleans have filed an amicus brief t…APM Reports3 weeks ago
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RT @verge: Order 9066 is a deep dive into the internment of Japanese citizens during WWII Reports3 weeks ago
RT @curtisgilbert: The lawsuit filed against @MinneapolisPD and Officer Mohamed Noor in the Justine Ruszczyk shooting draws heavily on our…APM Reports4 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: Support investigative journalism with your donation to In the Dark. When you give $50 or more, you can join more than 250…APM Reports1 month ago
RT @ehanford: Kids w/ dyslexia opened my eyes to a much bigger problem: kids are not being taught to read in ways that align with what scie…APM Reports1 month ago
RT @thenation: Sex, Race, and the Law: Considering America ‘In the Dark’ Reports1 month ago
RT @hechingerreport: Last year, thousands of students who qualified for state financial aid never received it because the state simply ran…APM Reports1 month ago
RT @EducatePodcast: Last year, almost a million low-income students who qualified for state financial aid didn't get it because their state…APM Reports1 month ago
  • “A healthy democracy needs investigative journalism. Without it, the powerful go unchecked and the voiceless have no voice.”

    — Chris Worthington
    Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at APM Reports

Our team of journalists continues to fill a void nationwide in investigative journalism by examining the intersection of ordinary Americans and the powerful institutions in their lives. APM Reports provides a critical public service at a time when unbiased reporting is more important than ever. Driven by fact-based, verifiable reporting—and presented on many media platforms—APM Reports digs into issues critical to the American democracy, striving to raise awareness, trigger debate and prompt positive change.