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Campaign investments helped launch APM Reports, a national investigative reporting group that digs deep to explore important, high-impact issues that are often shrouded from public view. MPR and APM have long been pioneers and leaders in investigative journalism. Today APM Reports is delivering important journalism and collaborating across the country with other news organizations.


In 1968, Roger Ailes helped Richard Nixon win the White House. In this week's episode of Campaign '68, Ailes biographer @gabrielsherman traces how the master manipulator shaped elections from Nixon to Trump. Reports6 hours ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: .@Flipboard users: We've collected everything we've written about Seasons 1 and 2 in this magazine. Follow here: https://…APM Reports1 day ago
Historian @PenielJoseph explores how racial anxiety and resentment among white voters shaped the 1968 campaign -- and still shapes politics today. Listen @ApplePodcasts: Reports6 days ago
If your child's school uses the term "balanced literacy," ask what that means. Balance sounds good, but the term often indicates an essentially whole-language orientation that assumes reading comes naturally and doesn't include enough time for phonics. Reports1 week ago
In elevating Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, a slim majority of the U.S. Senate concluded that the evidence against him was insufficient. On college campuses, however, that same evidence could be enough to expel a student. Reports1 week ago
As part of Order 9066's objects of incarceration (, we received this letter. In it, Colorado Gov. Ralph Carr offers a job to a woman in the Amache camp. Carr was the lone western governor who welcomed Japanese Americans into his state, let alone his home. Reports2 weeks ago
RT @cody_winchester: really enjoying this data journalism newsletter from @geoffhing @apmreports (h/t @act_rational) Reports2 weeks ago
RT @APMPodcasts: Coming November 26: We're teaming up with @PoetryFound and @librarycongress to bring listeners "The Slowdown," a new poetr…APM Reports2 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: On July 25, the Mississippi AG's office called the Willie James Hemphill evidence "a red herring," saying Hemphill was de…APM Reports3 weeks ago
RT @APMPodcasts: As the height of the midterm election season approaches, @apmreports examines the parallels between the 1968 election and…APM Reports3 weeks ago
People who struggle with reading are more likely to drop out of high school, to end up in the criminal justice system, and to live in poverty. According to a study of the Texas prison population, nearly half of all inmates have dyslexia. Reports3 weeks ago
RT @ehanford: Lots of people are sharing Hard Words with their schools, parents groups, lawmakers, etc. We now have a printable version of…APM Reports3 weeks ago
Our recent documentary, Changing Class, examined new research into colleges and social mobility. We found that many colleges are not doing enough to help students from poor families achieve the American Dream. Reports3 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: This is a brief analysis of some of the key flaws in the Jacob Wetterling investigation. Reports3 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: In Season 1 of our podcast, we reported on the missteps in Jacob Wetterling investigation. This morning in your podcast…APM Reports3 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: In Mississippi, the bar association doesn't post the complaint form online. It must be requested by phone or email. Of co…APM Reports3 weeks ago
Mississippi, among the most cash-strapped states, spends just $92.10 per lawyer on discipline, the fourth-lowest in the country. Reports4 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: As a measure of how active states' disciplinary systems are, we examined the volume of complaints they handle. Mississip…APM Reports4 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: For nearly 29 years, no one in law enforcement had explained why Jacob Wetterling's murder remained unsolved for so long.…APM Reports4 weeks ago
RT @InTheDarkAPM: We're tweeting live about Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmundson's press conference. He's reviewing the investigation of t…APM Reports4 weeks ago
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