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📰Extra! Extra! 📰 New episode is about how journalists find facts! We speak with @washingtonpost's @Fahrenthold and @nytimes' @YLindaQiu. Plus an 11-year-old ace reporter named Hilde. Listen now! 👂🎧 On!4 hours ago
RT @WashPostPR: .@Fahrenthold joined @Brains_On for their special series on finding facts to discuss how he makes sure his stories are accu…Brains On!4 hours ago
RT @rejoicePhD: Talking about #Germs on a #Train never gets old... @tyhsu389 @chuttenh Discussing the how bacteria can be good for you and…Brains On!9 hours ago
Excellent paradox sent to us by James: "Here's my advice: Do not trust any of my advice." Want to have your mind twisted in knots some more? Listen here: On!10 hours ago
Jade, you amazing art genius. Thanks for this drawing. On!1 day ago
@rejoicePhD @tyhsu389 @chuttenh We love a good chat about germs!Brains On!1 day ago
RT @rejoicePhD: I got a chance to speak with @sandentotten about the human #microbiome in this edition of @Brains_On focused on science and…Brains On!1 day ago
@MrsKopidlansky Whoa! Thanks for listening to us while working. Also - TEAM BOOKS FOREVER!!!Brains On!1 day ago
RT @MrsKopidlansky: While working on our memory maps, we listened to @Brains_On podcast! It ended in a short debate on books vs. movies!! O…Brains On!1 day ago
RT @evolambert: It warms my heart to see a couple kooky characters I cooked up have inspired such creativity! On!1 day ago
We love all the Dewey and Delta fan art we've gotten. Who are these two endearing droplets? Find out here: On!1 day ago
. @UCLA is encouraging more women and minorities to enter STEM fields. According to this article, diverse perspectives lead to more creative solutions. #STEMeducation #STEMkids On!4 days ago
@alexisbuchel3 Thanks for listening!Brains On!4 days ago
RT @sewkelman: DAY 11 Spill something and create something from the mess. #creativesprint "Luminiferous Ether" Sugar cookie ingredients o…Brains On!5 days ago
What cool models though. On!5 days ago
@eltshow 5 for sureBrains On!5 days ago
Curious kids helped make a surprising discovery during the recent total solar eclipse! When it went dark -- bees went silent. via @NYTScience On!6 days ago
@drsrbayer You did a snail-tastic job!Brains On!6 days ago
RT @drsrbayer: Flattered that I got interviewed about baby snails for @Brains_On! Check out the Moment of "Umm" at the end of the episode t…Brains On!6 days ago

“Practically a unicorn in the podcasting world.”

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We are always looking for new ways to inspire and connect with our highly curious listeners. Brains On!, a science podcast “for kids and curious adults,” seamlessly blends science, learning and fun by asking and answering questions about the world and going wherever it takes them.

Campaign funds are accelerating expansion of Brains On! and enabling weekly production and distribution of new episodes to satisfy eager listeners hungry for a science lesson for their ears. Funding is helping us reach more listeners with new programming, as inquisitive minds learn and grow with us.

Brains On! was recently awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation grant, allowing the team to partner with the Science Museum of Minnesota to study the impact of children’s podcasts on science learning and discovery.

  • “Reviewers commented that Brains On! is filling a gap in providing innovative and engaging quality science learning to young children.”

    — Sandra Welch
    National Science Foundation Program Director
  • “It’s witty, clever and so much fun that my kids (and I) don’t notice that we’re learning something.”

    — A Brains on! Listener and Parent