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RT @hooleil: I’m on this with @bluedelliquanti talking about our upcoming book on entomophagy! On!11 hours ago
What makes gross things so yuck-worthy? New episode: Science of gross. On!12 hours ago
Love science so much it hurts? Why not help us DO some science?! Take our NSF-funded survey: On!15 hours ago
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Do dogs in different countries bark (communicate) in different languages like humans? Thanks, Clare On!1 day ago
Zane - a very curious kid, asks us: How light is a crow's feather? How do levers work? Why is the ocean so salty? How do crabs breathe? How does radar work? How do atomic clocks work? How do robots transform?Brains On!1 day ago
@stratagemsem We're so happy you guys like it! Enjoy the final days of summer!Brains On!2 days ago
Some questions just take time to answer. Listen for the episode in question next week! On!2 days ago
@devivo It's a great question. We were a little intimidated by it but we knew we had to tackle it! :)Brains On!2 days ago
We're green-lighting this show right now. #SereiousAboutBeingBored! 😂😂😂 On!2 days ago
@jenfee37 @littletinystory @sparklestories @wowintheworld @storypirates @storynory @KidsOnComics Thanks for listening. Have you check out our new show - @smashboombest? It teaches debate, research and evaluation. Plus it's fun!Brains On!2 days ago
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@BookClubforKids They're different! Good resource here: On!5 days ago
@BookClubforKids Looks like a cicada!Brains On!6 days ago
A debate that has no end! Are you team dolphin or team octopus? Listen here for the arguments: (And thanks to Wingate for this excellent illustration!) On!6 days ago
RT @kidosaurus: Kidosaurus loves @smashboombest! Currently listening to, and keeping score, for the Super Speed vs Super Strength episode..…Brains On!7 days ago

“Practically a unicorn in the podcasting world.”

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We are always looking for new ways to inspire and connect with our highly curious listeners. Brains On!, a science podcast “for kids and curious adults,” seamlessly blends science, learning and fun by asking and answering questions about the world and going wherever it takes them.

Campaign funds are accelerating expansion of Brains On! and enabling weekly production and distribution of new episodes to satisfy eager listeners hungry for a science lesson for their ears. Funding is helping us reach more listeners with new programming, as inquisitive minds learn and grow with us.

Brains On! was recently awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation grant, allowing the team to partner with the Science Museum of Minnesota to study the impact of children’s podcasts on science learning and discovery.

  • “Reviewers commented that Brains On! is filling a gap in providing innovative and engaging quality science learning to young children.”

    — Sandra Welch
    National Science Foundation Program Director
  • “It’s witty, clever and so much fun that my kids (and I) don’t notice that we’re learning something.”

    — A Brains on! Listener and Parent