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@christophehille @jessicaroberts @schmangee @Naparstek @mattyglesias Who doesn't find induced demand thrilling?!Brains On!7 mins ago
RT @smashboombest: Diana is like "get this car out of my way! I need to go vote for #TeamSuperStrength!" #WonderWoman…Brains On!4 hours ago
RT @smashboombest: It's #TheFlash running off to get the latest #SmashBoomBest about super strength vs super speed.…Brains On!4 hours ago
It’s #FanArtFriday! Thabks to members of the Brains Honor Roll for these sweet drawings. 🙌👍🎉 On!5 hours ago
Would you rather have super speed or super strength? Find out which super power gets crowned the @smashboombest: On!5 hours ago
@balexander31 @degelmanc If you like persuasive podcasts, we made a whole show to teach kids to have big opinions and to use facts to defend them. It's called @smashboombest: On!1 day ago
You think you know water? Get ready to have you mind blown at how weird this stuff really is. Enter, the Hydro Zone: #NewEpisode #BrainsOn On!1 day ago
Making a live version of a podcast can be challenging... making one for kids, doubly so. But our friends are figuring it out! On!1 day ago
RT @TumbleCast: Lindsay's new article for @currentpubmedia is about kids podcasts experimenting with live shows:… F…Brains On!1 day ago
Relive the fun! On!1 day ago
Grab your popcorn and listen to this excellent episode from @eltshow: On!1 day ago
RT @smashboombest: Team bats taking the lead online! On!2 days ago
RT @AuntLindsey: I really don't have good words to describe how this makes me feel. Maybe tomorrow I'll have sense enough to quote myself.…Brains On!2 days ago
Agog at this frog. On!2 days ago
Happy #nationalturtleday! Remember, our lights can mess with these lil' guys. So let's keep beaches dark: On!2 days ago
RT @smashboombest: Looks like the public are lost in the mysteries of the triangle. #TeamLochNess On!2 days ago
I did not know that. How cool! On!2 days ago
RT @smashboombest: Want to read more about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle? Here is a good place to start: h…Brains On!3 days ago
RT @AaronsWorldKids: School may be out, but the learning is just getting started with these amazing @kids_listen SCIENCE podcasts! 🚀 #KidsLBrains On!4 days ago

“Practically a unicorn in the podcasting world.”

— The Atlantic

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We are always looking for new ways to inspire and connect with our highly curious listeners. Brains On!, a science podcast “for kids and curious adults,” seamlessly blends science, learning and fun by asking and answering questions about the world and going wherever it takes them.

Campaign funds are accelerating expansion of Brains On! and enabling weekly production and distribution of new episodes to satisfy eager listeners hungry for a science lesson for their ears. Funding is helping us reach more listeners with new programming, as inquisitive minds learn and grow with us.

Brains On! was recently awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation grant, allowing the team to partner with the Science Museum of Minnesota to study the impact of children’s podcasts on science learning and discovery.

  • “Reviewers commented that Brains On! is filling a gap in providing innovative and engaging quality science learning to young children.”

    — Sandra Welch
    National Science Foundation Program Director
  • “It’s witty, clever and so much fun that my kids (and I) don’t notice that we’re learning something.”

    — A Brains on! Listener and Parent